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Re: [IP] Re: Problems of a new pumper- Pat Springall's response

> I've been wondering about the practice of leaving the old set in for an hour
> after starting a new one.  I presume you have quick released it?  Or do you
> possibly disconnnect at the reservoir and leave the tubing?   Pat?  Any
> insulin remaining in the needle wouldn't be pumped in, would it?   Does it
> have to do with the channel that the insulin was being injected into closing
> over so none comes out?

First, think about how small an amount of insulin one unit is, it's 
practically invisible.

When you remove an old set, some of the insulin recently put in comes 
out along with a small amount of body fluid. If you have recently 
bolused, a large enough amount can come out to actually form a 
droplet on the skin ( ~ 4-5 units ). To prevent problems due to this, 
you can leave the old set in for the time required to absorb most of 
the insulin. 

Humalog ~2 hrs
Regular or Velosulin ~4 hrs

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