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My name is Don Fitzreiter.  I live in the Boston Mass. area.  I have had
IDDM since I was 6, that was about 17 years ago.  I am currently using a
Minimed 507 pump, but am going to try out the Disentronics as soon as it
gets here.

About 4 or 5 years ago, I had a big problem with Insulin Antibodies in
blood.  I had started on the pump about 2 years before, and during the
my BG count would be in the 500-600 range, and then at night, when the
antibodies would release the insulin, it would be in the 20s.  I had to
awakened in an ambulance several times.  Not a good thing to have happen
college!  So, I made a trip to Boston, and was a test type person for
new Humalog in my Minimed pump.  The Humalog seemed to have fixed the
problem.  I was, during the time taking between 500-1000 units of
insulin a
day, and now am around 80-90.

I really enjoy being on the pump.  It allows a great amount of
 I got it just before college, and it sure made things a lot easier.