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[IP] Stress and Basal Rates

The stress level has been off the charts at work the last
3 weeks.  The end of last week I started seeing highs during
the morning and afternoon and lows in the late evening and
night.  Before then my bgs were fine.  On Wednesday I made
a decision that reduced the impact of the stress for me.
The stress is still there and still affects me, it is just
down in a more "normal" range.  My bgs have been fine again.
I was really suprised at the lows in the late evening and
night going away with the stress impacting me less.  They
were consistent enough I was planning on profiling basals
Thursday and Monday nights.  I almost always do a middle of
the night bg so I am sure my bgs at night were low and have
come back up.  I am pretty sure it was stress related.  Anyone
else notice stress lowering bgs?  I am just trying to make
sense of it since I though stress was supposed to raise bgs.

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