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Re: [IP] Air in infusion tube...

John Huff wrote:
> ...is what I *always* seem to get.  8-(  After changing it yesterday,
> before breakfast, my BG before lunch  was 398!  We had *tried*
> to get rid of the air, by hitting the plastic syringe repeatedly, pushing
> it out, etc., etc., ad nauseum...

John, do you warm up the insulin before filling the syringe? Cold insulin,
if you keep it in the fridge between fillings, holds more air in solution,
and it will be released as the insulin warms up in the syringe. I always
warm the vial up by running warm water over it for a minute or 2 before
filling which helps a LOT.

> Is their *ant* way to get rid of air in the platic syringe and infusion
> set? ... and *know* you've gotten rid of it?

No, never heard of using ANTS! :^}
Where do you find them small enough to get through the connector????
Just kidding!
Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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