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[IP] Re: a would-be pumper

Hi Moira,
A strange reaction from your educator.
I arranged the trial myself. It wasn't clear which pump was better
without first trying both. So you can too! As I needed a specialist all
I did was enquire from the main nurse educator in Wellington, and it
went from there. I must admit that I timed it right, because although
there are other pump users in Wellington city, I was the first trialist
officially supported by Wellington hospital.
1. I am having lots of hypos!! I have always had lots of hypos. Setting
the basal rates is proving quite difficult. My period has thrown a
spanner into the works too (raised by bgs).
2. I am not in hospital i.e., not under 24 hour supervision!!!
3. I have a nurse educator assigned. Basically I keep phone contact once
a day with the speicalist and nurse, plus I have the support of another
pump user in Wellington who is also in regular phone contact.
4. She doesn't need to provide 24 hours care.

If you want to try pumping first contact the 2 companies and go froim

As for my trial which is only 4 days old, it has had a few rough
patches. The second time I put an infusion set in I fainted!! As I said
I have had lots of hypos and highs. I have had sleepless nights. However
it is early days!!! I understand it can take a while to set the basal
rates correctly.
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Mary Evans
P.O.Box 1364, Wellington, New Zealand
ph 64-4-387 9560, 64-25-738 217

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