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Re: [IP] Re: Problems of a new pumper

Thanks to Pat (or Dave), Mary Jean, and Judy C. for their thoughts on my
problems.  Inserting before a bolus certainly sounds like a good idea -- even
if their is no question of blockage, knowing if it is working as soon as
possible sounds good to me.  But last night I had bolused 2u and it seemed to
bring my blood sugar down, so I was assuming it was working till the high
after dinner and the continued raising even after an additional bolus to the
dinner bolus.  But I suppose it could have been from residue of the injection,
maybe helped along a bit by a sustained period of activity.

I don't think I am too thin for the softsets, but perhaps I am not built to
the right proportions to use the softset above the waist.  Anyway, this set
has lasted more than 24 hours now, so perhaps things will improve (if I ever
get reasonable dosages).

Linda Zottoli
diagnosed in 1955 at age 8

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