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Re: [IP] Re: Problems of a new pumper

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Hello and Welcome to the Club:
I see from your message, you are experiencing the same problems that I had when I
first went on the pump 5 weeks ago.. My BG's reading used to go through the roof
each time I changed my sofset.. here's what was suggested to me.. change you set
before a meal, so you can bolus and this should clear the cannula..I am also
leaving the old set in for an hour or so.. this seems to be working fine with me..

email @ redacted wrote:

> I talked about my problems with alarms on my new pump a couple days ago
> (keeping me up all night.)  Well I inserted a new softset in the nurse's
> office yesterday attached to a humalog reservoir in the replacement pump
> mimimed had sent, she watching me, and set off for home so happily (my husband
> and a man fixing the computer were in the next room when I ate lunch, and I
> went in and announced that it felt so good to eat and not take a shot--the
> computer person looked very confused).  But about an hour later when I did a
> test my bs was over 300, I took a bolus (or thought I did) and after an hour
> it was 430. (and I was ketotic).  After injecting humalog, I investigated the
> infusion set and found the canula bent (I had used an inserter, and nothing
> had seemed to me or the 2 people watching me to have gone wrong).  So I duly
> fixed a new infusion set, attached it to the old reservoir (which was still
> almost full, after all), and tried again.  I had brought my own simple, easily
> measurable food to a pot luck dinner, bolused and ate, but by the time the
> meeting started felt awful and found bs up again.  I didn't let it get quite
> so high this time, but I did try bolusing first because after all my rates are
> not adjusted and it seemed possible I just hadn't covered what I had eaten.
> When bs continued up, I shot up again -- and spent a while trying to figure
> things out before hooking up a new one (the canula was not bent -- I am
> speculating it was clogged?  but why?).  I used a reservoir from a new box
> this time (a lot of the insulin was gone by now from all the different primes
> I had put it through while trying to figure out what had gone wrong).. This
> one has worked since last night, and now it will be very tempting to leave it
> in too long I guess.
> So my question is, could it be the placement that is the source of the
> problems with the first two sets?  (I am going to try to get replacement
> reservoirs for that lot in case that is the problem, but the nurse doesn't
> think that likely).  I had injected them both above the waist where I had
> never actually given shots, the current one below, where I have been giving
> myself injections for many, many years.  Do other women have this problem? (I
> had read that above is more common for men, below for women.  My nurse had
> suggested I stay above for awhile because of all the usage below).
> And how often do you all have problems that can not be picked up til the bs
> rises?
> Linda Zottoli
> diagnosed 1955 at age 8
> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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