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[IP] Re: Problems of a new pumper

I talked about my problems with alarms on my new pump a couple days ago
(keeping me up all night.)  Well I inserted a new softset in the nurse's
office yesterday attached to a humalog reservoir in the replacement pump
mimimed had sent, she watching me, and set off for home so happily (my husband
and a man fixing the computer were in the next room when I ate lunch, and I
went in and announced that it felt so good to eat and not take a shot--the
computer person looked very confused).  But about an hour later when I did a
test my bs was over 300, I took a bolus (or thought I did) and after an hour
it was 430. (and I was ketotic).  After injecting humalog, I investigated the
infusion set and found the canula bent (I had used an inserter, and nothing
had seemed to me or the 2 people watching me to have gone wrong).  So I duly
fixed a new infusion set, attached it to the old reservoir (which was still
almost full, after all), and tried again.  I had brought my own simple, easily
measurable food to a pot luck dinner, bolused and ate, but by the time the
meeting started felt awful and found bs up again.  I didn't let it get quite
so high this time, but I did try bolusing first because after all my rates are
not adjusted and it seemed possible I just hadn't covered what I had eaten.
When bs continued up, I shot up again -- and spent a while trying to figure
things out before hooking up a new one (the canula was not bent -- I am
speculating it was clogged?  but why?).  I used a reservoir from a new box
this time (a lot of the insulin was gone by now from all the different primes
I had put it through while trying to figure out what had gone wrong).. This
one has worked since last night, and now it will be very tempting to leave it
in too long I guess.

So my question is, could it be the placement that is the source of the
problems with the first two sets?  (I am going to try to get replacement
reservoirs for that lot in case that is the problem, but the nurse doesn't
think that likely).  I had injected them both above the waist where I had
never actually given shots, the current one below, where I have been giving
myself injections for many, many years.  Do other women have this problem? (I
had read that above is more common for men, below for women.  My nurse had
suggested I stay above for awhile because of all the usage below).

And how often do you all have problems that can not be picked up til the bs

Linda Zottoli
diagnosed 1955 at age 8

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