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Re: [IP] Daylight Savings Time ending

> Okay, quick question to you long time pumpers.  When I set my time on my
> pump back 1 hour this Saturday, will my basals be a little off for awhile or
> what?  I started pumping after we switched in April.  Just curious.  Thanks!


The logic goes something like this:

If (unlike me!) you're a regular sort of person, when you put the clocks
back you will in reality suddenly be getting up (from a daylight point
of view) an hour later, and going to bed an hour later. After a few days
your body will adjust to this sudden shift in it's routine, and your
basal rates will shift to the new clock as well.

So just change the clock on your pump immediately, and keep half an eye
open for basal problems in the next few days.

There are loads of hormones in your body that control when you feel
tired, and when you wake up. These hormones in turn control when your
basal rate changes during a 24 hour cycle.

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