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Re: [IP] arghghghgh

> Nothing personal, but can we please have no more discussion about this web
> site and what is wrong with it adn why you are having problems getting in and
> where is your darn dot????  Make sure you are doing the instructions
> correctly, poor kasey has posted them 35 times in the last 24 hours I think,
> and if you STILL can't get in or find your dot, email one of the admin people
> PRIVATELY!!! there is kasey, Michael, mary jean and a few others who can help
> you...

Hang on Sara!!!!!!

For every one person that posts a problem to the list, there are
probably 10 other people facing the same problem but too embarrassed to
ask for help...

So one public reply (Thank you Mary Jean, thank you Kasey) may save
Kasey ten further enquiries later on. So keep the questions coming, for
now at least.

This is a one-off job, so it will all die down soon. New Yorkers... you
never could handle stress could you :)

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