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Re: [IP] What problems we are having when biking/swimming

Celia, Pat and others interested in insulin adjustment for exercise:

This reference, from "Stop the Rollercoaster" may be helpful for planning
exercise. I used an informal adaptation of this for years, prior to
pumping. It worked well for extended exercise such as cycling (15 - 30 mile
rides for me), cross country skiing - up to 25 miles (measured as 15k when
I was in the Gatineau park, Celia. Still one of my favorite spots :-))

It might be worth checking here: http://www.diabetesnet.com/excarbs.html

The whole issue of insulin adjustment for exercise is very much a YMMV
area. This short article provides some guidelines, gives you a reference
point to start from.

>surprise! It's difficult to know exactly what is happening here. Part of the
>problem with exercise is that sometimes it will prevent you from getting the
>carbs from your food - ie., the food might just sit in your stomach
>during the exercise. This may be why despite only taking half of your regular
>meal bolus your bg dropped during the exercise and then rose afterward.
>(Certainly the rise would have been quite dramatic if you hadn't taken 5
>of Humalog!) - They may have risen due to the delayed digestion of the food.
>They'll also rise due to the lowered basal rate if the rate wasn't upped at
>the right time. You could test this hypothesis by having a supper which
>contained your normal carb amount but contained ONLY simple carbs - ex., all
>Anyway, as a new pumper, you may find it to be a bit of a culture shock, but
>it's definitely a lot easier to try to keep the exercise away from a meal

Bob Burnett

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