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Re: [IP] What problems we are having when biking/swimming

Hi Pat:

I'm glad that you told me later that you had taken a 5 unit bolus after the
exercise. Otherwise the drop two hours after exercise would have been quite a
surprise! It's difficult to know exactly what is happening here. Part of the
problem with exercise is that sometimes it will prevent you from getting the
carbs from your food - ie., the food might just sit in your stomach undigested
during the exercise. This may be why despite only taking half of your regular
meal bolus your bg dropped during the exercise and then rose afterward.
(Certainly the rise would have been quite dramatic if you hadn't taken 5 units
of Humalog!) - They may have risen due to the delayed digestion of the food.
They'll also rise due to the lowered basal rate if the rate wasn't upped at
the right time. You could test this hypothesis by having a supper which
contained your normal carb amount but contained ONLY simple carbs - ex., all

Anyway, as a new pumper, you may find it to be a bit of a culture shock, but
it's definitely a lot easier to try to keep the exercise away from a meal time

I hope that this note makes sense. I'm a little rushed right now. My ride for
a weekend get-away has just arrived...

pat & dave springall wrote:

> Celia: With regards to making changes to basal rates while swimming,
> here's what happened on Wed.  Made change to basal rate 3hrs. before
> supper..ate supper and took half bolus..went in the water at
> 12.5;half-hour in swim=10.6;after=10.2;1hr.after=12.2; 2hrs.after=9.7;
> 3hrs after11.1;
> So what does this tell me.. well I think I need some fine tuning, but
> the bg's reading are pretty even... any suggestions..
> Yours in Pumping,
> Pat
> Puming now 5 weeks
> Type 1, 5years
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