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Re: [IP] "the map"

Kasey, I think i've finally got a dot!!  I wonder though if there is any
state by state listing of pumpers?  Not even necessarily by pumper name,
but just the numbers of pumpers in each state listed by cities?
- -wm

ääääääääFrom: Kasey Sikes <email @ redacted>
> Kasey, I filled out the form a few days ago, but so far do not see my
>"dot" on
> the map.  Thanks, Billie
If you don't find your dot, go back to the "fill out the form" icon,
click on it, scroll down to "retrieve your form" (probably worded
differently :)  ) and click on it.  This is how you make sure your form
was submitted properly and the robot got it.  If you do receive a copy
of your form, make sure you filled out the city/state part correctly.

- -Wayne 

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