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Re: [IP] About Insulin Pumpers

Kasey Sikes wrote:

> Some of you have had trouble with the password process.  Okay, the User
> Name is your complete e-mail address (including domain) that you
> supplied when joining IP.  Type it in using all lower case letters.  The
> password is "pumper" without the quotes, also in lower case letters.  An
> example would be:
>         User Name: email @ redacted
>         Password: pumper

It would not be difficult to avoid this problem and at the same time fix
the security in such a way to allow for reasonably (at least IMHO!) safe
direct  form updates of a user's information. It could be done something
like this:

1. Have a "select" list of user names which will "remind" forgetful users of
what their email addresses are!

2. Force each registered user to set a password (I just don't see the value
of using or requiring  the advertised word  "pumper" as a password).

3. Have a button which will email the user's password to the user's email
account (to aid  forgetful users...).

4. Allow a user to update a user form if (s)he can supply the user
password...(once again, make sure there is a button that the user can press
to arrange for email of the user's password to the user's email account if
forgetfulness is a problem).

I'd certainly prefer things to work this way and will gladly do or help with
the programming if any assistance is needed or desired...


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/