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Re: [IP] What problems are you having with biking

Hi Pat:

pat & dave springall wrote:

> Celia:..I'm not a cyclist but I do swim laps.. I am having the same problems..I
> was dropping my basal rate 2 hours before swimming..I eat supper at 5pm. and swim
> at 8pm..so I was under the impression that my supper time bolus would be out of
> my system by 8.. ( I use Humalog in my pump)....What was happening, I was going
> in the water with good sugars 7.7 to 12 range, half an hour into the swim, my
> BG's would drop into 3 - 4 range..then after 3 hours my BG's range was 12 to 17..

This is probably just a rebound from the low...

> my endo suggested yesterday to take a bolus of 5 units after the swim to
> counteract the rise in BG..I will try this tonite.. and I'm am thinking about
> reducing my bolus at suppertime meal..

If my blood sugars crash during exercise (and I have had quick drops down into the
1.5 range) I will always wind up with very high bg's afterwards. Yes, of course you
can take more insulin to treat these (though 5 units sounds awfully high to me), but
you really have to be careful to avoid the roller-coaster effect. (I'd guess that
rebounds make the next crash more likely - surely all that glucose must be coming
from the liver's glycogen stores leaving a shortfall for  a while!).  The best
solution is to avoid the crashes in the first place. On a bike, it's possible to do
this by taking in simple (quickly and easily absorbable) carbs during the exercise.
This is obviously more difficult to do when swimming. You may find it to be safest to
do as I normally do - delay supper (and the troublesome bolus) until after the


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