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Re: [IP] Miss America on TV - Friday 4pm - Leesa Gibbons

    It's on at 9:00 on NBC on the east coast.  It's celebrating Leeza's 1000th
show, and Miss A. will be sharing the "spotlight" with other celebrities  also
promoting their favorite charities.  Minimed donated 1000 stuffed animals to
kids with diabetes.  I believe the other guest "stars" & their causes are:
Jane Seymour ("Dr. Quinn") for Childhelp USA (abused children..will be
donating 1000 books); Daisy Fuentes for children with cancer; Marlee Matlin
for AIDS awareness. I think Leeza Gibbons's sister's daughter may also be on-
she has type I & lives on the east coast...forget where exactly, but Leeza
served as guest of honor at the JDF function in her niece's home
chapter....No, I'm not usually this well-informed about these shows but there
was a special article about Leeza in the TV section of today's newspaper.
Guess it really IS big news for any program to get to its 1000th episode!!!!!

Regards, Renee

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