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Re: [IP] times basal rates changed?

In a message dated 10/22/98 8:46:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< I guess i want to
 > know what times people change their basal rates, what the various rates >>
Basal rate changes cannot be set with a "cookbook" approach.  Everyone is
different.  I have one fellow with a reasonable basal rate for his work day
start...then he gets to work and his basal need increases...and just like
clockwork...he drops his BG when he leaves work.  We have adjusted
accordingly.  This never happens on weekends.  Note any correlation with
work??? He is "revved up" at work and relaxes when time to go home.  I have
some pumpers on one basal rate, 2, 3, 4,  and 5. It just all depends on your
basal rate profiles and your lifestyle, and your body chemistry (individual
metabolism), and posssibly, whether you are a night owl, or early bird, or the
time of the month,and a few other unkown variables.

Barbara B.

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