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[IP] arghghghgh

Nothing personal, but can we please have no more discussion about this web
site and what is wrong with it adn why you are having problems getting in and
where is your darn dot????  Make sure you are doing the instructions
correctly, poor kasey has posted them 35 times in the last 24 hours I think,
and if you STILL can't get in or find your dot, email one of the admin people
PRIVATELY!!! there is kasey, Michael, mary jean and a few others who can help

there...I am done screaming...new subject please?  Anyone see that Minmed
stock Crashed yesterday when they released their 3rd quarter earnings??? Way
higher than they thought...we are taking hold, kids...maybe eventually the
powers that be will realize doctors and medical professionals need to be
brought up to speed on this "new" technology.

Sara...who really needs to go vent some pent up frustration at the gym
*-)=B xoxx~~~~[507]

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