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[IP] eyeballs

Russell wrote:

> Has any one else experienced problems such as these

YES...email me and I will fill you in...or check the archives.  I have
discussed this issue ad nauseum, ad infinitem or whatever the word is...John
Walsh is correct about the eyes at least - i dont know about the
kidneys.....Strict tight control WILL sometimes lead to a WORSENING OF
RETINOPATHY - to avoid this - do NOT aim for perfection...raise your target
range from 80-120 to 100 - 150 or whatever your eye doc and endo recommend and
avoid lows as much as possible..

Yes the pump is wonderful.  But, No, even perfect use of this tool will NOT
halt, stop or reverse retinopathy or nephropathy independantly...sometimes, as
my witch doctor says...you just bleed and bleed and bleed...

Sara = who is just bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and has had MORE than
enough dammitohell!!
*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]

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