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Re: [IP] you're not gonna believe this...

Kasey, I don't remember back that far just what I did when, so I filled it
out for the third time.  I'll tell you if anything happens now.  I just
sent back what i got in the email.  Should I have modified the message when
I replied?  Like deleting the top part of the mail?
- -wm

<<<<<<<<<From: Kasey Sikes <email @ redacted>
After you received a copy of the fom in your mailbox and you sent it
back in, did you get a second e-mail confirming it was received and
everything's A.O.K?  If you did, then Michael needs to jump on this
one.  If you didn't, then you did not send the form back properly.  If
this is the case, let us know exactly what you did to reply and we'll
walk you through it.
wayne wrote:
> thanks Sam, but we seem to require another secret---the problem is not just
> the password.  I've filled out the form twice, and it seemed to be accepted
> both times,  but I'm still not listed, so the data apparently was not
> accepted.  This seems to be a common problem.
> -wm
ellen wrote:
> michael, sam, kasey, and others,  I filled out the form and it was accepted.
> I sent it back in and I thought I was registered.  However, with all the
> I have read, I went back to the site to look at my profile and it said it did
> not exist.  What does this mean?  Was it lost in the delta quadrant?

- -Wayne 

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