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[IP] Privacy Questions

> I consider this information private and would not like it sold for
> marketing purposes, if you
> do sell information.
No information is sold or released except as follows:
The mail list is not sold or released, however, any member may post 
to the list. The list addresses are available in the MEMBERS ONLY 
area attached to the profile of each member.

Profiles are posted to the mail list (which is closed, members only) 
and permanantly posted in the MEMBERS ONLY area of the website.
Persons who leave the list have their profiles automatically removed.

There is a separate information collection process which is more
detailed. That information is analyzed and the results posted in the 
ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS web page. It does not contain data on 
individuals. The Over 24900 club information contains details such as 
age, when dx'd etc... but this again posted to the MEMBERS ONLY area 
and is only posted with specific consent (you must say "yes") when 
the data is collected.

email @ redacted

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