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[IP] How the data collection ROBOT works

> thanks Sam, but we seem to require another secret---the problem is not just
> the password.  I've filled out the form twice, and it seemed to be accepted
> both times,  but I'm still not listed, so the data apparently was not
> accepted.  This seems to be a common problem.

The robot collected 12 records yesterday (wed) and one already this 
morning. Some hardy soul was up at 2:30 in the morning.

For those having difficulty with the Information Form, here is the 
sequence of events that must take place for it to work properly, 
along with an explanation as to why it is done that way.

If there is a bug in the data collection program, bear with me and 
keep sending the forms, I will find the problem and correct it. I 
need to know if the procedure below has been followed and where it 

1) You must enter the members only area using you e-mail address in 
lower case letters

2) Fill out the form, click submit once to submit and again to verify 
the contents of the sheet returned to your browser screen

Shortly thereafter, 

3) The ipstat robot will send you a copy of the form to the e-mail 
address used to enter the MEMBERS ONLY area.
*  This is done to prevent someone from submitting a record using 
*  someone elses e-mail address

4) NEXT is the authentication step. You MUST return the ENTIRE 
CONTENTS of the message to the robot by clicking REPLY
*  If you do not do this step, the robot never receives the data 
*  record for entry into the database.

5) Upon receipt of the returned message, the robot will issue either 
a confirmation message to you saying that the record has been added 
to the database, or an error message tell you why it has not.
- -------------------------
As an aside, a similar procedure is used if you wish to retrieve your 
data record. You enter the members only area and click the GET 
INFORMATION RECORD button. The robot returns the 
message to the log in e-mail address. Thus someone else can not 
retrieve your personal information by logging in as you, it is sent 
to your e-mail address no matter what an intruder may attempt to do.

Just for your information. I do not actually see these records as 
they come in. The robot stores them in the data base automatically. I 
can search the data base for a particular record by e-mail address or 
name, or other item (character string search). And I could actually 
look at the data in the record if I work at it but I assure you I 
have better things to do. That is why the robot program is 
set up to handle the records. Basically, no eyes see the records at 
all, so put the right stuff in them, they won't be checked or 
corrected for spelling or format errors or whatever.


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