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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - Users input needed please!!

> Michael
> I was very interested in what you found out re:
> > Check your policy for 'home medical supplies'. You will probably find
> > you are covered. Infusion sets are usually not covered under the
> > pharmacy part of the policy
> > email @ redacted
> Just curious, who is your insurer ? I ended up with a similar situation

It is one of the Blue Shield policies

> and I have Tufts health plan. I have to check to see if they have a
> similar category.
> It was particularly annoying since I had insisted on them sending me
> confirmation that I could get the pump in a letter, not just verbally.
> Well, they did but... they sent the letter postdated on Dec. 31st even
> though the letter was dated Dec. 1. This was, I believe, to guarantee
> that I could NOT get supplies the following year, thereby, they would
> save themselves the $3500 fixed upper limit on "durable medical
> equipment", which I think also covers the infusion sets.

It should be covered under home medical supplies in the same manner 
as supplies such as oxygen (if you had a heart problem) or 
disposables if you had a home IV setup.

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