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Re: [IP] members only

At 02:54 PM 10/21/1998  Dante Jacobson wrote:
>>What has kept me from filling out the form is that I can't
>access to
>>it. I assume that the form is in the "members only" section,
>I have no
>>idea what my username or password is so I cannot enter the 
>I have the same problem Jim.  I am not sure how to access the 

The access to the members-only area is really easy:
1. Your User ID is: your email address (the one you used when
you signed up)
2. The password is: pumper (lower case)

That's it. It's just a device to keep people from grabbing our
email addresses for Spam. M.S. Internet Explorer 4.0 will even
memorize the login for you, so that you'll never have to enter
it again (I don't have Netscape, so I don't know if it will do
the same thing or not).


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