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[IP] vague, uninformed, "waffling" input

Renee wrote:

> According to Melissa, there's a tiny plastic tab on (or not 
> on...forget which) the Minimed Silhouette which does distinguish it 
> from its "step-sisters" (Tender & Comfort) & which (again according 
> to my daughter) makes it somehow fit "better" into her pump than 
> the other two.  How's that for  vague, uninformed, "waffling" input! 

Yes...they are NOT all identical...and maybe it is just cuz I have older boxes
of some and newer boxes of others.  I I believe what Melissa is referring to
is the Luer neck thing - on some of these puppies, the luer neck (where the
tubing attached to the needle-less syringe), has these little wing like tabs.
You have to make sure these wings are aligned properly, or the syringe will
not slide down into the compartment (this only applies if you are using the
SHORT SYRINGE METHOD, which I am).  I don't know if all of them are like this,
but recently, everything I have gotten has been wingless....

Another difference is that the paper backing now has little tabs on the sides
and a slit in the middle - this changes  make it much easier to get the paper
off - you dont have to peel the top piece off, bend a corner of the bottom
piece, take the plastic sheath off, and hold the sticky stuff of the top piece
back with your forefinger while you are trying to jab it in you....and no more
worries about if you let it go too soon and it sticks in the wrong


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