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RE: [IP] you're not gonna believe this...

> Please consider making it easier to gain access to the form, perhaps by
> posting step by step instructions to the list as to how one can gain access
> to the "members only" section (if they don't know their login or password).
> BTW, I (and perhaps others) am curious as to why there is a separate
> "members only" section to your Web page since you don't have a subscription
> charge connected to this section.

The closed area is to protect members from SPAM. I am on several mail 
lists that are 'mined' (as in mining for gold) by advertisers that 
then send bulk e-mail to every address they find. Using a closed area 
with your e-mail address as the username effectively prevents that 
from happening. Likewise, the list is a closed list to which only 
members can post. Same reason. Thirdly, many list members are 
comfortable with other list members looking at a restricted set of 
information about them (the Over 24900 Club & member Profiles) but 
don't really want John Q. Public to know more about them.

These barriers are minor inconveniences for the list members and 

email @ redacted

will be more than happy to assist anyone who needs a helping hand 
navigating through the small maze constructed to provide these 

> The "open" section of the page is quite informative. I certainly appreciate
> the time and effort, Kasey, that you have put in to make these Internet
> tools available to us.
email @ redacted

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