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Re: [IP] Re: Pizza and Chinese Food

Hi ,
Just wanted to put my .02 cents in on this flour question.

Regardless of the type of flour used, the compositon is basically the cam=
Moisture 12-13%
Protien    11-12$
CHO        74-76%
Fat              1-1.5%
Ash                0.5%
Info comes from 'Practical Baking' by William Sultan.
As a baker, I think tat its the fat content in breads or the added sugars=
 in combination foods, pizza, that are the culprits.  When I have plain =
hard rolls my bolus covers it just fine, but if I binge out on croissant =
or danish (unglazed) My regular bolus doesn't cover.  I think this is bec=
ause the croissants that I make are  64% dough and 36% butter.
Any other Food Science folks out there.  Take care.

- ----------
> I have been reading comments about the flour in pizza dough maybe being=
> culprit (at least partially) for this horrendous high producer.  Well, =
> I was pregnant with my daughter and religiously watching everything I =
ate to
> keep my blood sugars in the target range (on MDI), I could not eat anyt=
> with white flour in it.  Wheat flour was okay but the white flour made =
> shoot through the roof and still does to some degree so maybe this migh=
t be
> part of pizza's problem since most are made with white flour?
> Leslie.
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/