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Re: [IP] Comfort from where

email @ redacted wrote:
> Michael:
>     Not exactly!!! According to Melissa, there's a tiny plastic tab on (or not
> on...forget which) the Minimed Silhouette which does distinguish it from its
> "step-sisters" (Tender & Comfort) & which (again according to my daughter)
> makes it somehow fit "better" into her pump than the other two.  How's that
> for  vague, uninformed, "waffling" input! LOL...all I DO know, is they are not
> 100% identical..although these aging eyes probably couldn't even distinguish
> the difference!!!

I think what she's talking about are the two tabs on the Luer-Lock (syringe)
end of the hose. This USED to be on Comforts and Tenders, but the Silhouettes 
were apparently made after they all changed. Think it fit the Disetronics pumps 
better than the MiniMeds, and was probably eliminated for MMs. Now ALL of them
are made without this "feature". 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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