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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed A-35 alarm

Thank you Bob Burnett for responding.

It was a minimed tech support person who told me to cycle 6 times instead of 2
- -- but as I said, it doesn't seem to have helped.  They told me an A-35 can
mean many things, but I think they all have to do with something having an
effect on the lead screw.  In my case, it seems that the lead screw is not
turning, and the reason for cycling the syringe more is that it can be that
the syringe gets "locked" and can't move, so the screw cannot turn, and this
can be from inadequate lubrication.  I had already tried 2 syringes that I had
cycled twice;  I assume that cycling more must have worked for some people
with problems, but that is an assumption isn't it.  Anyway, it works for
awhile (with each of the 4 complete sets I've tried -- when I was trying to
change everything during my 2 am phone conversation with tech support I
discovered I had left the soft set inserter device at the nurse's office, so I
wasted one set in my first inadequate attempt at manual insertion)  and then
stops and then sometimes works again if I press sel and act.

By the way, the infusion set that I felt I had not adequately inserted looked
alright both in me and when I took it out, but I assumed it was not right
because I could feel it -- not exactly hurting but not pleasant.  Do others
usually remove it under those circumstances?  I was quicker to do it than I
might have been at another time because I was trying to solve a problem and
reduce the variables of what could be causing it.

Linda Zottoli

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