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RE: [IP] About Insulin Pumpers

> Kasey...how do I update/change my stuff.  I hadn't actually started
> pumping when I submitted it and now I'm officially a pumper.  I
> think it may need updating; however, my "dot" remains the same!

Two ways. If it is a small change, simply go to the Information Form 
page and click the "GET YOUR CURRENT DATA RECORD" button 
is about 6 inches from the top in the middle of the page. You will 
shortly receive a copy of your data record via e-mail. Make the 
necessary changes and send it back to the information robot by 
clicking REPLY in your e-mail program (make sure to send back the 
entire contents of the message). You should receive an acknowledgment 
that the data record was received.


You can simply make a new record, it will replace the old one 

email @ redacted

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/