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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed A-35 alarm


>Still having problems with A-35 alarm, even after cycling the syringe 6 times
>rather than 2.  On this set it rang after about 5 hours while giving (or

You might want to "tread cautiously" when cycling the syringe. As I recall,
MiniMed is very specific about not doing this any more than 2 times. More
frequently than this supposedly reduces the efficiency of the lubricant (at
least that's what they told me "many moons ago").

What does the A-35 alarm indicate? I always thought that was the display
you get after a pump "reset".

Sounds like the replacement pump should help you settle things out. Alarms
can be unnerving, but I'd much rather have an alarm than no signal at all ;-(

Bob Burnett

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