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[IP] eeyah, I have a new A1c.....

Well after reading all the news about A1c's I'm not sure if I did better or
not, but I just got back from the Dr. and she said it was 5.8 . Very good
the doc said but not in the range of my tests that she looked at; which
ranged rather high in the 200's alot since I was given two cortisone shots
in the last 2 months, have been on pain meds and ran out of my alpha lipoic
acid on the same day over 2 weeks ago.  I was doing good before all of that
I also gave blood for a TSH, but that was all of the thyroid she wanted.
I will hear of the results, maybe after a week.
I had a fall, landed on my back when the limb of a tree came loose
unexpectedly.  I had my R.arm outstretched with the limb above my head when
I came to, but do I have a frozen shoulder  if I can't lift my arm away
from my body?  I had an MRI done, and the doc said that I had stretched the
ligaments to the point of fraying...owwie it does hurt, but  I am not to
lift things over my head, or do repetitious work.   Now that my job is equal
to a greeter at Wally-world, I am having a tough time with this shoulder.  I
do not want an operation  to shave the frayed ends now. I would like an
alternative.  Has anyone ever had electro-acupuncture?  How about anything
else?  I'm open to suggestions........dang, no more hanging from the
chandeliers,  or tree limbs.    Later Laurie B.

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