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[IP] Minimed News

FYI - Minimed made the following statement as part of their Q3 earnings 
release.  I believe that there are some pumpers on the list that are 
testing the continuous sensor.  Any comments?  For myself, I don't think I 
want to wear 2 sof-sets all the time, but I'd like to get the continuous 
readings every couple of months to help re-calibrate my basals and boluses.
- -David
     Terrance H. Gregg, President and Chief Operating Officer, commented, 
     "MiniMed made significant progress with several new products
     this quarter. Our latest generation insulin pump, the Model 507C 
     (introduced in June), has been very well received. We also introduced
     our first generation of communication accessories that can collect 
     data from our 507 and later model insulin pumps and our continuous
     glucose monitoring systems and enable their information to be 
     downloaded to a personal computer. Regarding our continuous glucose
     monitoring systems, the FDA inspection of our clinical records and 
     sensor manufacturing facilities has been completed. We remain
     confident that we will be able to introduce this system within the 
     next few months."

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