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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed A-35 alarm

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Linda:.. Welcome to the world of pumping..I have been on the 507C now a month..
Had same problem..had to change batteries(boy! was I nerveous with all these
alarms going off!!),A-35 alarm..I think with priming the syringe, this may rectify
your problem.. I'm still having problems getting rid of the air bubbles..the
room-temperature insulin is helping quite a bit.... my educator pre-set the -0-
alarm to go off in 8 hours is pump has not been touched.. so if your last bolus
was at 5-5:30, then the alarm go off - guess when.. in the wee hours..gawd! I have
to get that changed...no need for alarm clocks LOL!  anyhow,, enough
rambling..welcome again to the club..

email @ redacted wrote:

> I just started on my 507C yesterday, and persuaded the educator to let me put
> insulin in it tomorrow (I am only able to control things with very frequent
> injections these days because all the long-actings are doing funny things
> these days), so I was really disappointed to be awakened 3 times last night
> with A-35 alarms.  The first one had occurred during the dinner bolus (the
> third one I took after it was connected).    When the second one rang at
> quarter to 2 in the morning, I called service as it said to do in the manual,
> and spent almost an hour going through things.  I didn't call after the next
> one but waited till the "time to get up" alarm (will I not need an alarm clock
> with this thing?)  After having changed everything again (with little
> additions like lubricating the syringe 6 times instead of 2 when suggested by
> the techs), I have not had an alarm with the latest syringe, but I did raise
> the possibility of having a lemon (the pump arrived with the batteries not
> working, also, which the pump educator called very unusual), and the second
> time I called tech support they suggested they replace both the pump and the
> syringes.  I am wondering if other people have had this problem, or similar
> ones.  The most recent time it alarmed, I was disconnected at the quick
> release (while on the phone with tech support), so I am assuming the problem
> is not at the injection site (though it could still be the syringe rather than
> the pump itself).
> Linda Zottoli
> diagnosed 1955
> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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