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[IP] You're not going to believe this

     On Tue, 20 Oct 1998 Kasey Sikes <email @ redacted> wrote a letter 
     asking us to fill in the questionaire.
     Dear Kasey, Mike and others who have put untold hours, days and lives 
     into this terrific resource and site:
     I have filled in the survey at least three times.  I have never gotten 
     back the form in e-mail and it has never registered me!!!
     I think the e-mail address it is sending my result to is incorrect but 
     hard for me to tell
     My real address is email @ redacted (I think the program left 
     out the underscore between first and last)
     PLEASE let me know how I can be part of this list AND part of the 24+ 
     club (actually I'm not so sure about membership in there since my last 
     18 1/2 years were spent pumping although I've got almost 20 years of 
     shots prior to that)  (Got to come up with a new logo for the 24K club 
     since many of us will - with G-ds help - never get anywhere NEAR 24K 

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