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Re: [IP] Comfort from where

At 08:21 AM 10/21/98 -0400, Renee wrote:

>    Not exactly!!! According to Melissa, there's a tiny plastic tab on (or
>on...forget which) the Minimed Silhouette which does distinguish it from its
>"step-sisters" (Tender & Comfort) & which (again according to my daughter)
>makes it somehow fit "better" into her pump than the other two.  How's that
>for  vague, uninformed, "waffling" input! LOL...all I DO know, is they are
>100% identical..although these aging eyes probably couldn't even distinguish
>the difference!!!

The "older style" Comforts and Tenders had a type of "wing"  (or tab) - one
on each side of the Luer connector where it connected to the neck of the
reservoir. They looked a bit like tail fins on an old Cadillac <vbg>. These
things helped you tighten the Luer connector to the reservoir / cartridge.
If you used these older sets in the MiniMed pump, you often had to
manipulate the reservoir so it fit properly into the opening on the pump
body, otherwise those wing things would wedge in the opening to the pump
body. If you used the "full reservoir" method, where the neck of the
reservoir stuck out of the MM pump body, this was not necessary.

The design of the Comforts and Tenders was changed just prior to MiniMed's
"introduction" of the Silhouette. The new design, referred to as the
"ergonomic design", eliminated those tabs on the outside edges of the Luer
connector. The connector itself was also slightly redesigned to make it
less "square" at the top - more rounded. The newer design also has little
tabs on the paper backing for the base part of the set, which makes it
easier to remove the backing when taping down the base. I'm all thumbs, and
I like that part a lot. Ahhhhh, progress ;-)

So, I bet if Melissa lined up new samples of all three sets, without the
packaging material, she'd be unable to tell them apart :-)
Bob Burnett

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