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[IP] About Insulin Pumpers

Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly to my plea for more
information for the site.  I'm seeing more dots on the map!  A few
questions have come up and I'd like to address those here.

Some of you aren't pumping yet and aren't sure if you should fill out
the form.  While some of the parts may not be relevant to your
situation, some of it will be.  Use your own judgement here.  However,
feel free to print out any of the charts or information to take to your
doctor and discuss.  That's one of the reasons we want everyone to fill
out the form - so those still on MDI can have access to that information
to show to doctors and to help them see how the lives of people with
diabetes is improved on pump therapy.

Some of you have had trouble with the password process.  Okay, the User
Name is your complete e-mail address (including domain) that you
supplied when joining IP.  Type it in using all lower case letters.  The
password is "pumper" without the quotes, also in lower case letters.  An
example would be:

     User Name: email @ redacted
     Password: pumper

Also, once you've completed the form, a copy of it will be sent to your
e-mail address for verification.  Look over it and make sure everything
is correct.  If something needs to be changed, there are instructions
for making changes included in the e-mail you will receive.  Either way,
make sure you send a reply to that e-mail so that your information will
be included.  If you don't respond, your information won't be included
and you won't be a little red dot on the map :(  .

I want to see lots more dots on that map!  And for those of you outside
the US, we don't have a map yet (sorry) but you're location will be
listed in the chart below the map.

Thanks again for all those that have responded, and I hope the response
will continue to climb.

IP Admin

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/