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Celia, if you've really been pumping since Dec 21 of 1998, I think you may
have found the perfect solution to the year 2000 computer problem :-)   .
Indeed if you can keep pumping another 29 years, you won't even be diabetic
anymore :-)

<<<<<<<<<<From: Celia McInnis <email @ redacted>
I too am  back to one basal rate with bolus fixes upon bg testing since there
didn't seem to be any bg benefit in having multiple rates.  I have never really
felt any physical connection to the 24 hour day (I think that 40 hours would be
right for me), so I'm not surprised that multiple basal rates produced
inconsistent results...

Diagnosed  Wed Feb 24(?) 1969
Pumping since Sun Dec 21 1998

email @ redacted wrote:

> Hey Sara, yet another point that we agree on!  I tried to vary my basal and
> got things worked out fine for one week.  Then the next week things got
> off, and I was finding I needed different basals when I'm sitting all day
> in the office and on weekends when I'm out splitting wood, etc. I went back
> to a flat basal of 0.5, and just adjust my boluses to take care of the BG.
> Sure makes pumping easier AND much safer.  All it requires is regular BG
> measurements.
> -wm

- -Wayne 

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