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Re: [IP] What problems are you having with biking

Hi Steve:

I'm a very keen cyclist from Ottawa Canada. I've had diabetes for almost 30
years and  I've been pumping for 10 months now. The pump has made it much
easier for me to exercise safely. (Certainly I have quite a collection of war
wounds from "those surprise Ultra Lente attacks" when cycling in the "old

There are just two  pumping-cycling "problems" which I have had:

1. I can't hear pump alarms over traffic and wind noise. Twice I had no
delivery alarms when riding and didn't hear them for more than an hour each
time. This is really not much of a problem for me since my muscles seem to be
really good at using glucose.

2. I can have quick drops in bg  if  I cycle too soon after a bolus. This is
really more an insulin problem than a pump problem.  If I exercise hard but
sub-anaerobically (really hard exercise usually causes my bg's to increase)
within 3 hours of a mealtime bolus of Humalog I get into trouble (leg jerks,
etc.). In order to avoid this kind of trouble, I have an awful lot of really
late  (post-cycling) suppers!

There are lots of other important  issues for pumping exercisers - for
instance, whether or not you change your basal rates before, after or during
exercise. What is so nice about the pump is that it gives you the opportunity
to make these kinds of modifications easily  if you want to or need to. I
really appreciate not being  held captive by those long-acting insulins!

Celia McInnis

Steve Fuller-Stow wrote:

> I am a cyclist and pumper, in most cases the pump has made it easier.  What
> problems are you having?

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/