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[IP] BGS on the pump

Mike -

Lauren, my daughter, can have some swings which we are working on.  I do
believe some folk's bodies are more stable than others.  I have concluded
that a 12 year old girl's growing changing body is real erratic. 
Regardless, I have found Lauren to be exceptionally good at figuring carbs.

Nonetheless, lauren has some meals which are real easy to calculate....
usually lunch at school...sandwich, fruit, pudding.  But there are times
when it is a guessing game.  The beauty of the pump is that she can test in
about 2-2.5 hours and determine how close she was and correct with insulin
if necessary.  That is more my job... Humalog works quickly for Lauren ( It
may work very differently for you) but I consider factors such as how much
she bolused and what she ate and what she'll be doing.  For us it is the
opportunity to correct a miscalculation which is so helpful in maintaining
BGs with the pump.

Also, someone else said that they questioned the A1c's cause they seem to
get ones that were better than what their BGs would imply.  That is the
same with lauren, but I do try to give her a anti-oxidant with Lipoic acid,
C and E as well as chromium.  I suspect, as they claim in Pumping Insulin
that it helps with the A1cs.  Pumping Insulin by John Walsh is a good book
and is available on the internet.

Diane Massey

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/