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[IP] times basal rates changed?

I have a question for everyone that might be interesting to have included
on the member questionaire...I know none of us is normal by any
means...but...well...i know most people have to increase their basal for
the dawn phenomenon so i was wondering if there are any other times of
day that are common that basal rates are increased or decreased and
possibly a personal explaination of why the person believes they have
this rate change...for instance Lily probably has a 0.0 basal rate in the
afternoon because she exercises intensively in the afternoon and the rest
of her basals are unique because she is an adolescent...I guess i want to
know what times people change their basal rates, what the various rates
are and what is common...michelle....who knows we may find a trend and
make it easier for new pumpers to get up and running

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