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[IP] john and pizza

John wrote:

> I've more or less given up eating pizzas. It sends my bg's crazy 
> hours and.....Julia has also observed how I always get moody 
> after going out for a pizza - probably bg related. Most things I 
> can handle but I find pizzas aren't worth all the extra trouble.

Poor dear, you have obviously NEVER had the orgasmic pleasure of a Pizza Hut
pepperoni Lovers pizza with a stuffed crust...to me, this other worldy
delicacy makes all the other futzing around with 14 grams of this and 4.6
units of that WORTHWHILE.

I am understanding though...You come from a nation where they cut their
hamburgers and pizza slices with a knife and fork, so how could you even
remotely comprehend what eating good pizza is really like!!  Ya know sometimes
it is even awesome cold, so maybe I will box you up some next time...THEN the
only reason you will be moody is cuz Julia grabs the second slice out of your
hand before you can eat it yourself!!

JUST KIDDING YA LOVEY!!!  hey - how come I can't email you directly no more -
do you have my name on a "kill list???"

Love, Sara

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