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[IP] Size of an old pump..

     On Mon, 19 Oct 1998 "Paula Berketo" <email @ redacted> wrote:
     > When I was in grade six - around 1976, I remember my mom showing me 
     > a picture of a man in the newspaper.  He was hooked up to an insulin 
     > pump.
     > This thing was the size of a T.V. and the man, needless to say, was
     > bedridden.
     I remember a few pictures from MY prepump days of giant back-packs and 
     the like.  
     The first COMMERCIAL pumps (autosyringe and I can't remember who made 
     the other one) were quite large next to todays.  I remember comparing 
     them to the new SONY walkmen out at the time (18 years ago) and having 
     many people comment on how I 'never took my walkman off'.
     These were not unlivable, just pretty much un-hidable.
     (They were also NOT programmable.  They had ONE basal rate which one 
     adjusted by diluting the insulin to properly provide the set basal 
     rate and then calculating what one bolus pump would deliver (1/1000 of 
     a cc of that wonderful diluted mix) in order to calculate bolus meal 
     ((((OK OK I'll eventually get around to writing the history of the 
     insulin pump FAQ.  I still would LOVE any pictures or books or 
     expecially the manuals for those early monsters)))))

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