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Re: [IP] Tender/Comfort/Silhouette newbie question

>>> John Neale <email @ redacted> 10/19 12:38 PM >>>
My question: when I reconnect, how do I know easily which way up the
connector goes? When I'm in a hurry / in the dark / under clothing,
there seems to be no foolproof way of getting the connector in the right
way up... :(<<<<
John: =20
You are right - it is very difficult, and push and push and turn it over =
and push and eventually get it in.   This is a great thing to write the =
manufacturer about.  We need a glow in the dark dot to represent this side =
up!  I will write mini med right away - in the meantime, I will make a red =
dot with my permanent marker. =20
Good point!=20
I have only had one bad bleed when removing, and I had site problems =
there. After only 24 hours in that site, I was getting high readings and =
changed sites, had bad bleed, but new site took care of propblems.   I had =
more bleeds when I used soft-serters. =20

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