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Re: [IP] glucagon nightmare

John, Insulin into muscle would be less predictable, and there is a much
greater chance of injecting right into a vessel.  Much of the difference in
R and H is the time to break down the zinc ring. But this would happen more
quickly in blood or with a good blood supply.  The problem with  muscle
injections of insulin is this unpredictability.  With a pump catheter,
there would be much greater tissue damage which would occur more rapidly,
so sites would not last very long.
- -wm

>>>>>>>>>From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Barbara wrote:
> the point here is that medication injected into muscle is absorbed faster
> BECAUSE blood supply to muscle is greater than blood supply to fatty tissue.
> Glucagon may also be injected into fatty tissue, but absorption is slower.

Barbara, Am I right in thinking then that insulin injected into the
muscle would act much faster than if injected into fat? So to bring down
a high bg quickly, an injection deep into the thigh or buttocks would be
best... and presumably Regular would work just as fast as Humalog in
this case, since Humalog is only quicker at moving through fat. It works
at the same speed once it's in the blood...

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