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Re: [IP] ONE RATE!!!!!!!!!!

In a message dated 10/19/98 4:53:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Clearly, in both cases, they just guessed, rather than basing 
 the insulin requirements on observation and measurement. There is no 
 substitute for 'checking' it out yourself. It's pretty clear the 
 medical teams are not going to do it for you. I think the problem is 
 that the med teams are trained in a manner that assumes all diabetics 
 respond and react the same way. >>
Maybe we are unique in our diabetes center...but...when we make an informed
guess, it is because we have evaluated and profiled an individual's BG history
and lifestyle before we calculate starting basal rates.  The key word is
"starting", as they are estimates. Pardon my defensiveness, but this team IS
NOT trained the way some of the teams are, according to your opinion.  Our
philosophy is that each person with diabetes is unique, and each has their own
"diabetes thumbprint".  One size does NOT fit all. The most important person
on our team is the person who is pumping...and testing...and reporting
numbers...so we can analyze the situation TOGETHER and make the appropriate
adjustments.  We try very hard to help our patients to not need us.  I don't
intend to come across as defending all other pump programs, I am not. I can
only speak for the program I coordinate. <smile>

Barbara B.

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