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Re: [IP] ONE RATE!!!!!!!!!!

> Hey no reason to get so excited Michael!!!  Sometimes when they start people
> on the pump they start them with one flat basal rate, based on body
> weight..
> And personally, my basal rates vary from .5 - .7 - not a HUGE difference and I
> certainly wouldn't DIE if I just averaged them all at .6.
> I know you are just being helpful...but it aint that horrible to have just one
> rate!
> Sara
Verryyy interestinggggg, as Colnel Klink would say.

My experience with this is admittedly limited. I only note it because 
Lily's basal rates varied from 0.1 morning,  0.0 (in afternoon), to 
0.8 u/hr at night when she first went on the pump after we final got 
her profiled. What the doc gave us was almost exactly the opposite of 
what she needed and caused hugh bg swings (obviously). The same was 
true of her 2 shot a day routine. The clinic prescribed a big morning 
dose of nph and a little evening dose. This was with two different 
docs at two different clinics, both well known and highly thought of. 
 Clearly, in both cases, they just guessed, rather than basing 
the insulin requirements on observation and measurement. There is no 
substitute for 'checking' it out yourself. It's pretty clear the 
medical teams are not going to do it for you. I think the problem is 
that the med teams are trained in a manner that assumes all diabetics 
respond and react the same way. I like that word 
assume, I was taught that it means
"makes an ASS of U and ME"

just my 0.03 cents worth.

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