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[IP] Re: Pizza and Chinese Food

     I'm probably the only one on this list that doesn't use a square wave 
     or double-bolus for pizza.  I do, however, bolus more than what I 
     would "calculate" needing from pizza.  My recommendation, however, is 
     to experiment.  Coming from Chicago, you know there's a big difference 
     in what people call "pizza".  For instance, the results you get from 
     eating Dominos will be entirely different than stuffed 
     Just be aware of the timing of BG rise.  For instance, if you eat 
     pizza or chinese at 7:00pm, and then test BG at bedtime, consider the 
     possbilities.  If BG is high, then go ahead and bolus to correct it.  
     If BG is low, is it due to miscalculating your 7:00pm dose or is it 
     due to delayed absorbtion of your dinner?  Only experience (and a few 
     nighttime BG checks) will tell.
     Welcome to the club!

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