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[IP] ONE RATE!!!!!!!!!!

Michael wrote:

>> because they finally put me on one basal rate for the whole 24 
>> hours. I know that will probably change in the near future, 


>You should definetly profile your basal requirements. Please read 
> the sections in Pumping Insulin and visit the HOWTO's on the website.

Hey no reason to get so excited Michael!!!  Sometimes when they start people
on the pump they start them with one flat basal rate, based on body
weight...then as the person starts to get accustomed to carb counting and
seeing the affects of hormones and fats and daily life, they begin
adjusting...I was started like that, and seem to have turned out just
fine...but then I was also started straight onto the pump - no wearing it for
2 weeks, no pumping saline...just in the hospital for 3 days, hooked up,
checked out and sent on my way (and went to Disneyworld that very afternoon -
just like the commercial!!! - "Hey Sara, now that you are an insulin pump
wearer, what are you gonna do"....."I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!")

And personally, my basal rates vary from .5 - .7 - not a HUGE difference and I
certainly wouldn't DIE if I just averaged them all at .6.

I know you are just being helpful...but it aint that horrible to have just one


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/