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[IP] High BG/Exercise

Hey Ellen:

I am sure you have gotten all the right biology major answers already...but
here goes my thoughts...

I believe the "no exercise" number is 240 which is where *most* people start
spilling ketones.  My meter even says "check ketones" when I get up there.  If
you are in this range then all kinds of bodily functions are screwed up and if
you are working out you might not be able to release needed glucose, cuz your
body is focusing on converting these inefficient ketones, thus drivingyour
sugar and ketone level even higher...

I was also told the same thing, but my experience the same as you...I have to
decide if I am going up for a reason like a bad site, or illness...then if I
cover (conservatively), and then exercise I will come down as predicted.  If I
am high cuz of a rebound or, if I am on the way down from a previously covered
high, then I won't take more insulin...cuz I woudl crash...I just test in the
middle of my workout. 

It's kind alike in the olden days when we used to say...ok if I work out for 6
minutes I can have one oreo...if I work out for 60 minutes I can have
10...only instead we say...if i work out X amount, I wont have to take X
amount of extra sinsulin...and then can take the insulin later when I eat the
oreos for my regularly scheduled Lunch!!

Another note I have made in my own personal delving into this mess is that the
amount of insulin I need to lower a high has DECREASED across the board, but
in particular for 2-8 hours after a work out.  If I cover for a high after
lunch, which was AFTER a workout...I have to be ULTRA conservative.  Have not
yet worked out a pattern - i.e 1 unit = 60 points, but it is most definitely
much higher - more like Rocket insulin which 1 unit = 75 points.

sara - who finally got a walkman...and broke it on the first workout - (klutz)

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